Words & phrases (Unit1) (Solutions Advanced)

1. bewildered

2. preoccupied

3. overwhelmed

4. to grow up

5. it takes 2 hours to do sth

6. to fall in love

7. to knock sb off sb’s feet

8. to rush back to/into sth

9. time after time

10. at the time

11. once in a while

12. at once

13. in the end

14. to have much in common

15. to mistake sb for sb

16. to do sth differently from sb

17. to insist on doing sth

18. to be based on sth

19. to set sth up

20. to be named after sb

21. to pick sth up

22. to distinguish sth from sth

23. to come up with an idea

24. to be in charge of sth

25. to back down

26. to stand up to sth

27. to see sth through

28. to give up

29. to pass sth on (to sb)

30. to make up sb’s mind

31. to turn out to be

32. to get away with sth

33. to work sth out

34. to bring sb up

35. to alter sth

36. as a result of sth

37. to be identical to sth/sb

38. to find a cure for sth

39. to perform at the theater

40. at the last minute

41. to make sth out

42. at the end

43. to stumble out of somewhere

44. to look out of the window

45. the door swung open

46. to come face to face with sb

47. to run to and fro

48. to bump into sb

49. enthusiastic

50. baffled

51. eager

52. elated

53. tense

54. terrified

55. petrified

56. thrilled

57. remorseful

58. underestimated

59. misleading

Words & phrases (Unit2) (Solutions Advanced)

1. genetically-engineered

2. action-packed

3. heart-warming

4. man-made

5. quick-witted

6. cool-headed

7. all-time

8. hair-raising

9. narrow-minded

10. single-minded

11. broad-minded

12. self-assured

13. cold-blooded

14. absent-minded

15. light-hearted

16. time-consuming

17. ill-mannered

18. eye-catching

19. home-made

20. well-behaved

21. far-reaching

22. strange-sounding

23. a heart throb

24. a film buff

25. to result in sth

26. to watch 9 hours of TV a day

27. to study well at school

28. at age 16

29. in subsequent years

30. in comparison to sth

31. by comparison,…

32. later on

33. to provide evidence of sth

34. to insist on sth

35. to be aware of sth

36. to attract the attention of the audience to the problem

37. to set up a committee

38. to be found guilty by the police of sth/doing sth

39. to go on to do/doing sth

40. to put on sth

41. to apologise for sth

42. to point one’s arm at sth

43. to turn away

44. to cry out in terror

45. to look/glare/stare at smb

46. to be angry with smb

47. in addition to sth

48. instead of sth

49. to throw sth at sth

50. at the end/in the end

51. to wander far and wide

52. to come across sth

53. to search for sth

54. to die of sth

55. to run along a path

56. to laugh at sb/sth

57. to challenge sb to sth

58. to have no doubt

59. to sit down under a tree to do st

60. to look after sb/sth

61. in the queue at the box office

62. to star sb in the title role

63. to be screened at the cinema

64. action takes place in…

65. the plot revolves around sth/sb

66. in order to do sth

67. in fact

68. to be after sth

69. violent

70. far-fetched

71. gripping

72. thought-provoking

73. third-rate

74. moving

Words & phrases (Unit3) (Solutions Advanced)

1. to voice an (honest) opinion

2. to form friendship with sb

3. to offer (constructive) advice

4. to pay attention to sth

5. to take control of sth

6. to resolve a dispute

7. to return a favor

8. to speak one’s mind

9. to suffer a (major) setback

10. to get annoyed/upset with sb

11. to be different from sb/sth

12. to rely on sb/sth

13. a crony

14. a soul/work mate

15. a fair-weather friend

16. to fall out with sb

17. to have ups and downs

18. to be through much of sth

19. to get sb down

20. to open up to sb

21. to know sb inside out

22. to be honest/dependable through and through

23. to work in IT

24. to set off to do sth

25. to be preoccupied with sth

26. to take time off from sth

27. in order to do sth

28. to be face to face with sb

29. to reunite with sb

30. all is fair in love and war

31. heartsick

32. love conquers all

33. to count on sth

34. to be filled with (hope)

35. to say/wave goodbye to sth

36. to order sb out of somewhere

37. it takes long to do sth/for sth to happen

38. to date sb

39. on the way back to sth

40. to find out about sth

41. to get away with only a reprimand

42. to head back to/towards sth

43. to be away from sb/somewhere

44. to dream of sth

45. to dream about sth

46. to accuse sb of sth

47. to point out

48. to occur before/after sth

49. to go on foot

50. to be used to doing sth

51. at the age of 26

52. to be keen on sth/doing sth

53. to sit at the laptop

54. to agree/disagree over sth

55. to stay on speaking terms

56. to slope (gently) down to sth

57. to be lined on either side with sth

58. to date back to the 19th century

59. to have a great deal to offer

60. a stone’s throw from sth

61. to teem with life

62. to be renowned for sth

63. thanks to sb/sth

64. to be spoilt for choice

65. to be rich in sth

66. to be home to 46 million

67. to date from the 15th century

68. boiling hot

69. fighting fit

70. bone dry

71. soaking wet

72. pitch blake

73. sound asleep

74. bone idle

75. brand new

76. wide open

Words & phrases (Unit4) (Solutions Advanced)

1. to dream of sth

2. to be adapted for the screen

3. to adapt to life in the US

4. to alter beyond recognition

5. to evolve from sth/sb

6. to adjust to sth

7. to be aware of the world around you

8. to involve sb in sth

9. to go out

10. to be sensitive to sth

11. to become more independent by doing

12. to blame sb for sth

13. to go back to the 19th century

14. to be done by sb in protest against sth

15. to vote for sb

16. sth has dis/advantages over sth

17. in my opinion/view

18. to my mind

19. to think of/about sth

20. to be capable of doing sth

21. to put pressure on sb

22. to escape from sb/sth

23. to get fed up with sth

24. to put sth down to sth

25. to have arguments with sb

26. to be overwhelmed by the fact that

27. to be delighted at/by/with sth

28. to give up

29. to devote your life to sth

30. to be driven by your own goals and passion

31. to agree/disagree with sth

32. to be at peace with yourself

33. at the age of 16

34. to run sth

35. to retire from sth

36. to set sth up

37. along the way

38. to admit to doing sth

39. on purpose

40. to take an opportunity

41. to be at risk

42. to applaud sb for doing sth

43. on the eve of the final

44. to be shut out of somewhere

45. to knock on/at the door of a person

46. to look back on sth

47. to move on to sth

48. to raise money for charity

49. on holiday

50. to recognize sb for doing sth

51. to be worth doing sth

52. to crash into sth

53. to account for sth

54. to speculate on sth

55. to turn out

56. to be rude to sb

57. to be married to sb

58. on/in time

59. to go/get back into the house

60. to be out of sb’s character

61. to change over a period of time

62. changes for the better/worse

63. in general,…

64. to be in favor of doing sth

65. to be different from sb/sth

66. to tell jokes/truth

67. 24/7

68. to move to another planet

69. as a result of doing sth

70. to plug sth into sth

71. instead of doing sth

72. to go away for the weekend

73. to change sb’s mind

74. consequently,…

75. state of the art (adj)

76. a chain store

Words & phrases (Unit6) (Solutions Advanced)

1. to set sb’s sights on sth

2. to fulfill sb’s ambition

3. to come to nothing

4. to be determined to do sth

5. to give it everything one’s got

6. to pin sb’s hopes on sth

7. to achieve a goal of doing sth

8. to succeed in sth

9. to work towards sth

10. to go in a number of directions

11. to be of the opinion

12. to make sense of sth

13. to relate to sth

14. to date back to 1986

15. to play back the song

16. to sort sth out

17. to die out

18. to calm down

19. to note down

20. to pick on sb

21. to go on doing sth

22. to pop over to sb

23. to go over a diploma paper

24. to cheer up

25. to come up to sb

26. to see sb off

27. to make off with sth

28. to log off

29. to decide on sth

30. to be concerned about sth

31. to have control over/of sth/sb

32. to make sth up

33. to apologise for doing sth

34. to argue about sth

35. to be suspicious of sb/sth

36. to rebel against sb/sth

37. a key to sth

38. to benefit from sth

39. to cope with sth

40. to be allergic to sth

41. to be keen on doing sth

42. to catch up with/on sth at weekends

43. to get out of bed in time for sth

44. to be in danger of doing sth

45. to put sth at risk

46. 2 in 7 youngsters

47. to have effect on sth

48. to have alternatives to doing sth

49. to split up with sb

50. to boast of/about

51. to be over the moon

52. I couldn’t believe my luck

53. it was a dream come true

54. to walk on air

55. to be thrilled to bits

56. to be on top of the world

57. to fumble around for sth

58. to sit bolt upright in a cold sweat

59. to dawn on sb

60. to knock on/at the door

61. to throw sth onto sth

62. to take sth out of sth

63. to tell sb off for doing sth

Words & phrases (Unit7) (Solutions Advanced)

1. to bucket down

2. to show sb round

3. to touch down

4. to get away

5. to hold up

6. to pick sb up

7. to drop sb off

8. to see sb off

9. to put sb up

10. to check into

11. to stop by/off

12. to shell out

13. to rip sb off

14. to be worth paying a visit

15. at high altitude

16. on sb’s own

17. on the train

18. in one way or another

19. to be top of sb’s list of holiday destinations

20. to hitchhike round Europe on holiday

21. to be fascinated by sth

22. to check sth out

23. to do sth from scratch

24. the way out of sth/smwh

25. according to sth,…

26. bizarre though it sounds,…

27. to travel through time

28. to lead sb into a room

29. to come up with an idea

30. to walk in on sb

31. to put sb off

32. but it’s only a matter of time

33. to result in sth

34. to lead to sth

  1. to run sth by sb
  2. the consequence of sth
  3. to walk all over sb
  4. due to sth
  5. to run into sb
  6. to have a detrimental effect on sth
  7. to walk off
  8. to have a positive impact on sth
  9. to pose a threat to sth
  10. the benefits outweigh the drawbacks
  11. to benefit from sth
  12. to be of mutual benefit to both of us
  13. to cause the damage
  14. on the whole
  15. to a great extent
  16. in general
  17. by and large
  18. broadly speaking
  19. to complain about sth
  20. to conform with sth
  21. to return/get back from a holiday
  22. first of all,…to start with,…
  23. whereas in fact…
  24. what is more,…on top of that,…
  25. on sb’s arrival
  26. to sort sth out
  27. to make matters worse,…even worse,…
  28. to make an apology for sth
  29. to look forward to hearing from sb
  30. to walk out on sb
  31. to run sb down
  32. to walk up to sb
  33. to run out of sth

Words & phrases (Unit8) (Solutions Advanced)

1. to be up to sb

2. to start by doing sth

3. to do sth in detail

4. to complain about doing sth

5. according to sth,…

6. to work sth out

7. to be into sth

8. to have a sweet tooth

9. to gorge on sth

10. to start off in 2013

11. to take sth in

12. to head for sth

13. to start over (again)

14. to make/let sb do sth

15. to be clued-up on sth

16. to look for sth

17. to be interested in sth

18. to queue for sth

19. to mistake sb for sb

20. to decide on sth

21. to be common among sb

22. to be concerned about sth

23. by stealth

24. to have sth in common with sth

25. the benefits outweigh the drawbacks/risks

26. to work on sth

27. to be on sb’s/sth’s way

28. to be worth doing sth

29. to look at sth

30. to do sth from scratch

31. to be a threat to sb/sth

32. to end up

33. to be a waste of money

34. to spend money on doing sth

35. to take sb out for sth

36. to ask sb out

37. to give sb a lift to.. (somewhere)

38. to be/get/arrive in/on time

39. I love eating out

40. to single sth out

41. to make up for sth

42. to buy sth over the phone

43. to listen to live music

44. to be below the belt

45. to get hot under the collar

46. to do sth off-the-cuff

47. to do sth at the drop of a hat

48. to be in sb’s shoes

49. to wear the trousers in the house

50. to pull up sb’s socks

51. to get too big for one’s boots

52. to be a feather in sb’s cap

53. to opt for sth

54. to say the least

Words & phrases (Unit9) (Solutions Advanced)

  1. to confide in sb
  2. to eavesdrop on sb/sth
  3. to hand sth in
  4. to do all right out of sth
  5. to be involved in sth
  6. to come out (secret/lie)
  7. juicy
  8. to crop up in conversation
  9. to be tempted to do sth/sth
  10. being trustworthy
  11. to fall into the trap of doing sth
  12. sooner or later
  13. to share sth with sb
  14. to warn sb of sth
  15. to pass sth on
  16. to turn out to be sth
  17. to give sb a call
  18. to have/take a rest
  19. to pay sb a compliment
  20. to drop a hint
  21. to hang around
  22. to be on sb’s way home
  23. to be sb’s turn to do sth
  24. to spill the beans
  25. to split up (with sb)
  26. to accuse sb of sth
  27. to do sth on purpose
  28. to get the most out of sth
  29. to be in charge of sth
  30. to care about sth
  31. for the sake of sth
  32. to be tired of doing sth
  33. to set sth up
  34. it makes sense
  35. to make sb do sth
  36. in order to do sth
  37. to diagnose sb with a disease
  38. to work on sth
  39. to blend in (with) sth
  40. it goes without saying that…
  41. to have negative/positive consequences
  42. having said that,…
  43. to critisise sb in public
  44. to close down the website
  45. to stir up racial hatred
  46. to prevent sb from telling the truth
  47. to take sb’s breath away
  48. to cost an arm and a leg
  49. to be made of money
  50. to be in floods of tears
  51. to come to sb in a flesh
  52. money talks
  53. to scare sb for life
  54. to have a few hiccups
  55. to dawn on sb
  56. to have quite a stormy relationship
  57. to sacrifice
  58. indeed,…
  59. outstanding
  60. fraud/fake
  61. pathetic
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