Words & phrases (Unit1) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to go out at the weekend

2. to look after sb

3. to be due to do sth

4. to do sth via the Internet

5. to appear on TV

6. to go to gym/school

7. to go to bed

8. to be popular with/among sb

9. to be in the public eye

10. to pay for sth

11. to take a day/year off

12. to pick sth up

13. to get back home

14. to grow up

15. to become interested in sth

16. to have passion for sth

17. to have sth in common with sb/sth

18. to be good at sth

19. to give up

20. to have a talent for sth

21. to bear sth in mind

22. in other words,…

23. to feel at ease with sb/sth

24. aside from the problems,…

25. alongside school classes…

26. to move house

27. a lack of sth

28. to specialize in sth

29. to deal with sth

30. I find English easy to learn

31. indeed,…

32. on the 15th of September

33. to make friends

34. to look at sb/sth

35. to slow down

36. to take/sit an exam

37. to look beyond the picture

38. to have feelings towards sb/sth

39. to do sth instead of doing sth

40. to let sb do sth

41. to smile at sb

42. to speak/chat to sb

43. to be in the photo/picture

44. make sure

45. to be different from sb/sth

46. to be lost for words

47. to make sb do sth

48. outfit

49. to be fun to be with

50. to be up for sth

51. to end up doing sth

52. to do sth at the last minute

53. when it comes to cooking,…

54. to let sb down

55. to be/get tongue-tied

56. to get on well with sb

57. to play it safe

58. to go home

Words & phrases (Unit2) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to buy sth at a bargain price

2. to be/get in debt

3. to be/get involved in sth

4. to take a holiday

5. to make mistakes

6. to be dirt cheap

7. reasonable price

8. to be hard up

9. to be broke

10. to be well off

11. to be careful with sth

12. to shop around

13. to get rid of sth

14. to be in the habbit of doing sth

15. at the weekend

16. to make a profit/money

17. to move into/out of a flat

18. according to sth

19. under any circumstances

20. to contribute to sth

21. to make improvements

22. to be allowed to do sth

23. to benefit from sth/doing sth

24. to stay in touch with sb

25. in order to do sth

26. to give sth away

27. to start up a business/doing sth

28. to do sth on sb’s own

29. to donate money to sth

30. to make efforts

31. to make difference

32. to take/sit a test

33. to drop out of school

34. to be in the picture

35. to sb’s surprise

36. to spend money on sth

37. to take a look at sth

38. to pull sth out of sth

39. to cut sth into pieces

40. to find sth out

41. out of the blue

42. to belong to sb/sth

43. at the same time

44. meanwhile

45. eventually

46. to get ripped off

47. to cost an arm and a leg

48. to come into some mney

49. to dip into sb’s savings

50. to live from hand to mouth

51. to make ends meet

52. to tighten sb’s belt

53. to make a killing

Words & phrases (Unit3) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

  1. to lose touch with sb
  2. to bring up sb
  3. to grow up
  4. to pass away
  5. to settle down
  6. to put up with sb/sth
  7. to set sth up
  8. to hold sb/sth up
  9. to do sth up
  10. to own up (to sb)
  11. to get sb down
  12. to cut down on sth
  13. to put sth down to
  14. to put sb down
  15. to look down on sb
  16. to sing at the top of sb’s voice
  17. to be released on the Internet
  18. to appear on the show
  19. to set out to do sth
  20. on sb’s own
  21. to be stuck in a rut
  22. to have effect on sth
  23. to be better at doing sth/sth
  24. to get on well with sb
  25. to set a good/bad example
  26. to treat sb
  27. lack of trust
  28. to be responsible for sth
  29. to storm out of somewhere
  30. in the middle of an argument
  31. to get your own way
  32. to turn sb/sth into sb/sth
  33. to answer back
  34. to bring out the best in sb
  35. a word of advice for sb
  36. to share a view on sth
  37. to come down to sth
  38. to drive sb crazy
  39. to tell sb straight out (that)
  40. to be fine/ok with the idea of sb doing sth
  41. to be no big deal
  42. to lose your temper
  43. to ban sb from doing sth
  44. to end up (in/as/doing sth)
  45. to be angry with sb
  46. to confide in sb
  47. to love the idea of doing sth
  48. to be close to sb
  49. to know sth deep down
  50. parents usually do know best
  51. to take a step down new paths
  52. to learn from sb‘s own mistakes
  53. get on with sth
  54. to be fond of sb/sth
  55. to put sb at ease
  56. to see more of sb
  57. a row
  58. freckles (n)
  59. moustache (n)
  60. wrinkles (n)
  61. bossy (adj)

Words & phrases (Unit5) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to log on/off

2. to show off

3. to set off

4. to put sb off

5. to call sth off

6. to take sth on

7. to carry on doing sth

8. to carry on to sth

9. to pass sth on

10. to have sb on

11. to click on sth

12. at the bottom of the page/screen

13. to type sth into the address bar

14. to be suitable for sth

15. to drag sth onto the desktop

16. to take sth on holiday

17. to be on time

18. to separate sth from sth

19. to broadcast sth to sb

20. to turn out

21. to send sth to sb

22. to direct sth at sth/sb

23. to mess sth up

24. to opt out (of)

25. to protect sb/sth from sb/sth

26. to open sb’s eyes to sth

27. to be popular with sb

28. to protest about/against/over

29. to arrange sth for sb

30. to provide sth for sb

31. to stop sb from doing sth

32. to take a photo of sb

33. to have a job at a company

34. to take notes of sth

35. to be populated by sb

36. to be created/invented by sb

37. at the start of 1986

38. to be based on sth

39. in addition, (to)

40. for this reason…

41. to test out sth

42. to do sth in exchange for sth

43. to transfer sth to sth

44. to convince sb of sth

45. to provide sb with sth

46. to work on sth

47. to be addicted to sth/sb

48. to report on sth

49. to buy/order from sb/sth

50. to be worth doing sth

51. to have positive/negative effect on sb/sth

52. to be keen on sth

53. to laugh at sb/sth

54. to be interested in sb/sth

55. so far

56. to be spot on

57. to be of the opposite opinion

58. to come up

59. to belong to sb

60. to be good at sth

61. to sign out

62. “parental lock”

63. entrepreneur

64. later on,…

65. to work for sb

66. shortly after that,…

67. thumbnail

68. to minimize

69. to scroll up/down

Words & phrases (Unit6) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to have an effect on sb/sth

2. to put on weight

3. to contribute to sth

4. to watch up to 28 hours of TV a day

5. owing to

6. to decide on sth

7. to attach sth to sth

8. to repport sth to sb

9. to become popular with sb

10. to spring up

11. to come up with a new recipe

12. to buy sth from sb

13. to turn sth into sth

14. to be due to sth/sb

15. to be dressed in sth

16. according to sth/sb

17. to arrive in Kyiv

18. to arrive at the cinema

19. at the same time

20. to bring sth to an end

21. to introduce sth/sb to sb

22. on the Internet

23. to spend $ on snacks

24. to spend time at sb’s house/home

25. to die for sth (figurative)

26. to be out of this world

27. to check sth out

28. a couch potato

29. to be paid peanuts

30. in a nutshell,…

31. to be out to lunch

32. to spill the beans

33. to bu full of beans

34. to butter sb up

35. to be a pie in the sky

36. to have a lot on sb’s plate

37. bitter

38. crispy

39. greasy

40. juicy

41. raw

42. rich

43. ripe

44. salty

45. sour

46. spicy

47. sugary

48. tasteless

49. delicious

50. tender

51. tasty

52. tough

53. sweet

54. mouth-watering

55. to consume

56. issue

57. obesity

58. consequences

59. vending machine

60. to endorse

Words & phrases (Unit7) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to be interested in sth

2. to attract readers with sth

3. to pay attention to sth

4. to keep up with sth

5. to find out about sth

6. to work for sb/sth

7. to report on sth

8. to go out

9. to keep in touch with sb

10. to add sth to sth

11. to look for sth on the website

12. to contact sb via the Internet

13. to request information from sb

14. in order to do sth

15. to have an impact on sb/sth

16. to spread misinformation

17. to use sth for sth

18. in the picture/painting

19. to allow sb to do sth

20. to be the means of communication

21. to look forward to sth/doing sth

22. by contrast, …

23. to pay for sth

24. to depend on sth/sb

25. to be due to sth/sb

26. to result in sth

27. to stare at sth/sb

28. for the first time,…

29. to write to sb

30. to convince sb of sth

31. to adapt to sth

32. to be in a mess

33. to start in 5 minutes

34. to stay out late

35. to insist on doing sth/sth

36. to study at university

37. to congratulate sb on doing sth/sth

38. to apologise for doing sth/sth

39. to boast of doing sth/sth

40. to confess to doing sth/sth

41. to accuse sb of doing sth/sth

42. to warn sb against doing sth/sth

43. to ground sb for doing sth/sth

44. despite sth, …

45. to be set in (place/time)

46. to complain to sb

47. to be of the opinion

48. in spite of doing sth/sth

49. to sum up, …

50. at the start of sth

51. in the course of sth

52. by the end of sth

53. the plot revolves around sth

54. all in all, …

55. in conclusion. …

56. hilarious

57. fast-moving

58. gripping

59. moving

60. inricate

61. thought-provoking

62. light-hearted

63. (un)predictable

64. (un)convincing

65. Fascinating

Words & phrases (Unit8) (Solutions Upper-Intermediate)

1. to invest in renewable energy

2. to dispose of nuclear waste

3. to reduce carbon footprint

4. to conserve energy

5. to pollute the atmosphere

6. to install wind turbines

7. to cut carbon emissions

8. to rely on fossil fuels

9. to use up natural resources

10. to adapt to climate change

11. to generate electricity

12. to spend money on sth

13. to manage to cut the fuel bill

14. to succeed in preventing global warming

15. to turn the radio up

16. to be short of money

17. to play the piano on Saturday

18. to be involved in/into eco-protests

19. to prevent the government from building a bypass

20. in the end,…

21. to be dependent on rich countries

22. to attach a device to a laptop

23. to knock sb down

24. to take photos of space junk

25. to come up with a solution

26. up to ten nuclear power stations a year

27. to fall from the sky

28. to raise money for poor children

29. to donate to charities

30. to be dedicated to helping disabled people

31. to be at risk

32. to look after stray dogs

33. to make a mess on the lawn

34. to work for a private company

35. to do sth at once

36. to re-use plastic bottles

37. to recycle paper

38. It is worth acknowledging from the start that…

39. at the same time

40. to bear in mind

41. to be aware of the inevitable consequences

42. to cause damage

43. to produce greenhouse gases

44. to take place in a natural reserve

45. to live in the wild

46. to destroy natural habitats

47. poaching

48. to cut down forests

49. an effort to aid gorilla breeding

50. conservation programmes in zoos

51. to keep animals in captivity

52. to face extinction

53. endangered species

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