Here you can find many links to the learning resources, using which your lessons will become more interesting and productive

На цій сторінці ви знайдете посилання на навчальні ресурси, використовуючи які ваші уроки стануть цікавішими та продуктивнішими

1. - One of the best ESL sitesfrom the US

2. - A Fun Place for English Teachers & English Students

3 . - Lessons, games, quizzes, forums & more

4. - A guide to learning English: The site has useful advice and many exercises in grammar and vocabulary

5. - A resource-rich site from England's BBC with hours of varied tasks and activities

6. English Skill: Excellent comprehensive site for teachers and learners with links to all skill activities

7. - Provides a structured menu of resources - grammar reference, quizzes and activities, and teacher handouts. Registering is free

8. - There are some great word games here. Suitable for intermediate to advanced students

9. - Many thingsfor ESL students

10. - All materials you can possibly imagine

11. - Number one for English language teachers

12. - News for Students and Teacher Resources 7–12 Grades

13. - The best site for presentations


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